Dreams. Desires. Reality.

World-renowned designer and fashion photographer, Jean Claude Maillard, brings his mastery of exquisite design to his latest passion, Vertigo. A true artist with a taste for perfection, refinement, elegance and excellence, Maillard creates beautiful environments that engage us on every level.

Maillard’s eye for achieving perfect balance is unsurpassed; it is the balance of both harmony and excitement – a perfect synergy of voluptuous sophistication. He creates drama with light and shadow to entice us; his juxtaposition of luxurious forms, finishes and materials creates a visual feast to indulge our senses.

In his creation of award-winning photography in global fashion, Maillard developed a keen sense of color, pattern and composition, all of which inspire his unique palettes that surprise and delight. The beauty of his design unfolds in layers, revealing the enchanting detail of every element. In designing exterior environments, interiors, outdoor spaces or pools, Maillard’s ingenious, sumptuous style is the pinnacle of contemporary design.